The Walkin' Wheels Mini Dog Wheelchair: As Seen On TV

The Walkin' Wheels Mini Dog Wheelchair
For dachshunds, and smaller dogs under 20 lbs

We’ve designed the completely adjustable Walkin’ Wheels Mini cart available in Blue or Pink. This dog cart will help your pet live a happy and healthy life strolling around with all his pals! Now available from $249-$325.00 depending on the height and width of your small dog. Use our cart wizard to determine what size you need and the price will appear on your order.


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"I cannot express how grateful we are to see our dachshund, Ruby walk again. Without her wheelchair, she wouldn't be able to live the happy and healthy life she lives now. Thank you so much! "
~Heather Raymond

“Our vet recommended we buy a dog wheelchair after Dolly’s accident. We couldn’t find a dog wheelchair that would fit Dolly, for she is a very small dog. The Walkin’ Wheels mini dog wheelchair was the perfect size for her, and now she runs and plays just like she use to! We couldn’t be happier!”
~Mark Richard

“As a licensed veterinarian, the Walkin’ Wheels Dog Wheelchair is the only dog wheelchair I recommended to my patients. It is the highest quality and most reliable dog wheelchair on the market. I have seen nothing but happy and healthy dogs benefit from this brilliant handicapped dog aid.”
~Dr. Steve Broole

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